What is e Learning ?

What is e Learning

Many people have a general idea about what elearning entails as it is used across a wide-range of industries. The education market is using elearning on a regular basis, and corporations often use it for employee training. That said, the elearning industry is in constant motion. New tools and mobile learning technologies are opening up

Is Mobile Learning in our DNA?

Mobile learning is an exciting concept across many industries, however for future generations it will be the expectation. In fact, the young people of today have never known a world without internet, laptops, iPads and the like. The term, “Digital Natives” has been coined for these individuals. According to Wikipedia, a Digital Native is defined

Top 5 Ways Teachers Earn Additional Income


Teacher salaries can be a pretty hot topic. Whether you’re talking about private or public schools, there is often (heated) discussion surrounding the idea that many teachers are underpaid. Regardless of whether you agree with that statement or not, I think that most of us can agree on this: teaching is (most usually) not a part time job.

5 Big Question of Early Childhood Technology Use

Early Childhood Technology Today Survey Series was launched by ECEtech.net to collect the information about how technology is used in early childhood classrooms. Recently, they have presented information about their initial survey results in the form of an infographic. Over 500 teachers and administrators took part in the initial survey and were asked 5 questions (Who? What?