e Scaling Automatic Re-scaling to Fit Any Mobile Device?

The Flex Platform

Recently came across something called as the Flex platform.

Flexibility & Ease of Customization, Responsive Design & Optimization

This platform boasts of a highly flexible framework. It seems this framework enables very fluid customization. It also claims very easy creation of highly responsive sites that are also fully optimized.

Other Capabilities

It further claims to facilitate an easy to use content management system and even a very efficient search engine optimization capability for top visibility in terms of Google page ranks.

Targeting the Right Marketing Solution

Only time can tell if among all the online marketing solutions available to businesses, a responsive design solution or a mobile optimized site or app, will work better in terms of returns, and viability in the long run.

Results & Possibilities

However, it is true that with several millions of buyers buzzing with several millions of devices, the businesses that have moved to responsive web designs faster, have received tangible gains in terms of:
• The number of visitors to their site
• The amount of time spent on sites
• And the influence on buying decisions