Mission & Vision


To create future-ready global youth who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements, drive to excel, compassion and understanding of the complex and uncertain world around them.

Mission To develop students who will :
Achieve the highest academic standards
Grow into analytical and critical thinkers
Become compassionate and sensitive leaders


Safe and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning
Teachers who are professionally proficient and passionate educators
Resources and opportunities that enhance learning.


The answer is YES

Your YES List is



  1. Can I create an unlimited number of courses?

  2. Can I upload an unlimited number of files?

  3. Can I upgrade, downgrade, cancel whenever I want?

  4. Can I start using it immediately without downloading anything?

  5. Can I use my own presentations and documents?

  6. Can I reuse content from tools like Scribd, Sharepoint, YouTube, Vimeo and Wikipedia?

  7. Can I use SCORM files?

  8. Can I use Articulate courses?

  9. Can I create tests?

  10. Can I create surveys?

  11. Can I create learning paths?

  12. Can I share courses with non-registered users?

  13. Can I issue my own certifications?

  14. Can I sell my courses through Paypal?

  15. Can I use my own logo and theme?

  16. Can I have my own domain?

  17. Can I extend user profiles with my fields?

  18. Can I import/export everything?

  19. Can I create my own user-types by selecting subsets of available characteristics?

  20. Can I separate users and courses (branching)?

  21. Can I customize branches with their own domain and theme?

  22. Can I build reports for system, users, courses, branches, groups?

  23. Can I see a timeline with system events?

  24. Can I customize the emails sent to end-users?

  25. Can I send customized emails on system events?

  26. Can I use it from my iPad?

  27. Can I communicate through an SSL encypted and authenticated channel?

  28. Can I have access to free support for the duration of my paid subscription?

  29. Can I integrate it with other services through an API?

  30. Can I integrate it with WordPress?