How about the LMS market in India?

A certified Classroom Admin and E-learning Sales and Business Developer from Norway, who promotes, the LMS, SmartLearn version 10, that boasts of over 200,000 active users in Norway alone, recently asked me this question, “How is the LMS business in India”? My Response: India is a developing country. Education conducted here is mostly non-electronic and outdated, unless a teacher wants to personally have the students benefit from the latest methods using their own mobile devices, and unless the students themselves too bring in their own devices and show interest in accessing such modern means of facilitating education, which are otherwise prevalent and have long been popular in developed Western countries. In India:

  • LMSes are purchased by tech teams of tons of e-Learning companies that take up outsourced e-Learning work and Course-hosting assignments from the West
  • Besides that may be some IT companies and Corporates from other domains may have invested in LMSes for corporate training
  • Also some professional or higher-education institutions may have invested in LMSes too
  • Apart from this a few privately promoted universities may have incoporated LMSes throughout their educational framework

That leaves almost the whole of the Indian market (all of academic, professional, corporate, governmental, and privately-owned lifestyle coaching sectors) open to being influenced to adopt and incorporate LMSes at the core of their teaching, learning, training, and education frameworks. However, extreme user-friendliness, very competitive pricing, and effective training and familiarizing, to bridge the twin gaps of economic disparity and technical exposure of the Indian market, is the key to getting the nod of the decision-makers in adopting these LMSes, and in unlocking this market with a population of over 1.2 billion people. And that is the current Indian market scenario of LMSes at your disposal

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