Principles of Mobile Learning

What Do Mobile Learners Really Want?
After spending anywhere between 7 to 14 hrs a day at work, most professionals hate anything that sounds like:
– Training
– Learning
– Tests
– Assessments
– Certifications etc.

The remaining hours left after a hard day at work and 1 or 2 hrs of monotonous travel, are for:
– Fitness
– TV
– Kids
– Family
– Hobbies
– Catching up with buddies
– Eating out etc.

So how can mobiles attract professionals to mobile learning? What is a mobile learner really looking?

When facing a hassle or a need for a tip, while on the move, and on the job, what mobile learners want is to quickly:
– Search for specific information from all the bulk available across a central or distributed resource
– Get information in a lightweight, and seamless manner
– Refer their topic of interest in a flash
– Locate relevant troubleshooting steps to a problem they may be facing then and there
– Look up definitions or concepts as and when they come across a term or situation they don’t understand or recall
– Know the Dos and Don’ts or Best Practices before getting started off on certain actions

They don’t need a mobile training overkill to complicate their already time-crunched life.


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