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Chan Ngee Key – Caree Coach, Strategist, Trainer, Speaker & Author of “Creating Meaningful Careers and Workplaces” – from Singapore, quoted thus,
Values and Attitude of Candidates are equally important during the hiring process as skills, competencies and knowledge can be developed.”

My Response:

This feels so true. There are so many times in my 9 year long career that I have come across people with several years of experience to back them.

But whether these professionals, regardless of experience or the lack of it:

  • Value their jobs
  • Experience passion in their area of work
  • Harbour respect and acceptance towards their subordinates, colleagues, as well as superiors alike, in a team environment
  • Infuse enthusiasm and ease through their positive attitude
  • Inspire their team by being the first one to set an example, and lead by example
  • And whether they stifle creativity to subdue the team and stay selfishly on top of them, or whether they fuel creativity to rise together as a powerful team above all

are some of the factors that will eventually determine, as to whether the presence of such professionals in a team, will enable the team to meet and exceed organizational goals, or whether they will only meet the minimum requirements to keep the team barely hanging together .