With DiGiDesk, Your Courses Shine.

A Complete Online learning System with Step by Step Course Progression Reports Welcome to the DiGiDesk Demo Site! Here we show you an example of just how good your online courses can look using DiGiDesk.

For Academies

Actionable Training and Adaptive Learning It allows students to learn a skill one day and apply it the next.This means they are exactly as short as possible and only as long as necessary to ensure the learning process is efficient, clear and concise without impacting quality.

Learning Record Store (LRS)

Stop guessing and start tracking.Reporting on learning activity just got easier.DiGiDesk allows site admins and Group Leaders to drill down from trends in learning activities across the entire site and each specific user

For Educators

Interesting Quizzes- MCQ's with Gamification
A quiz is a form of game or mind sport, in which the players attempt to answer questions. A test of knowledge, especially as a competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment.

Powerful Grading and Report Card

DiGiDesk Introduces a powerful grading and report card system for Academies . Easily define grade weights for quizzes and assignments while monitoring student progress and track their online progress all from a centralized location

For Students

Premium Material- According to CBSE the path or direction that something or someone moves along. A path or route that runners, skiers, etc., move along especially in a race. : a series of classes about a particular subject in a school.

Reward Your Learners

DiGiDesk makes it possible to award points and badges based on user activity. Using the integration, you can award users based on their DiGidesk course activities and performance. Deliver certificates, points, and badges to encourage learners.

Complete e-Education Platform

Using our Unique Course Grid add-on you can display your courses all on one page, in various columns, by category, and more!

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Your courses are a reflection of your brand, and your DiGiDesk-powered courses will never fail to impress

DiGiDesk Enable Adaptive Learning
DiGiDesk Enable Adaptive Learning

The DiGiDesk Course Builder is the best around. Create Courses,Sub-Sections, Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes with ease! 

There are two types of skills that are relevant. … These are your people skills—interpersonal skills, communication skills, and other qualities that enable you to be successful in the workplace

The DiGiDesk Advanced Quizzing engine gives you more options and more flexibility than any other on the market! 

Learning Platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provides the teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Everyone has questions at some point, no matter how intuitive the software. Our Help Docs are the best around, and if you ever need a helping hand then our support reps are standing-by! Teachers engage in professional learning to stimulate their thinking and professional knowledge and to ensure that their practice is critically informed and current. Challenging and lead to developing thinking, knowledge, skills and understanding (Learning that deepens knowledge and understanding);

What exactly is an app?

An app is computer software, or a program, most commonly a small, specific one used for mobile devices. The term app originally referred to any mobile or desktop application, but as more app stores have emerged to sell mobile apps to smartphone and tablet users, the term has evolved to refer to small programs that can be downloaded and installed all at once.

There are thousands of apps designed to run on today’s smartphones and tablets. Some apps can be downloaded for free, while others must be purchased from an app store.