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Do you study in biology XI class? Join our online seasons to improve your command of biology and perform well in the exam. Our teachers are always happy to help you understand the concepts of biology.

Concept Clearance

While taking online classes of class 11 biology, our teachers try to understand biological terms to students in simple and easy-to-understand language. They ensure that all students have understood the concept of chapters and have no difficulty at all. They use charts, interactive images, slides, and short videos to make students understand biology concepts quickly and easily.

Ask More

Our online Biology classes are interactive and present for all students. Biology teachers try to interact with all students while taking online classes and make sure that students have understood the lessons taught. Students need to ask more and more questions related to the topics to clear their concepts.

No Commotion In The Class

In an online class conducted by our teachers, there are only 10 to 15 students. So our teachers can pay sufficient attention to all students and help them know all points of a particular chapter very well.

Join Classes At Convenient Times

Our teachers conduct several classes for class 11 biology at different times. So students can quickly join Biology classes at a suitable time from all locations.

Benefits of Online Biology Classes

Competitive Fees

Online class 11 Biology is convenient and flexible.

Bring education exact to your home also individual attention.

Give you real-world skills and promote life-long learning.

Online courses have fiscal benefits and save your time.

Overview of the Chapters Online Biology Class 11

The Living World – This talks about the biodiversity and the domains of living. Also, it gives you insights into the thought of species and the vocabulary of various species.

Biological Classification – It talks about the features of Monera, Protista, and Fungi and classifications of several groups.

Plant Kingdom – It meeting about the features of the plant kingdom. This Biology XI chapter discusses Algae, Bryophyta, Pteridophyte, Gymnospermae, and Angiospermae.

Animal Kingdom – It meeting about the classification of animals. It give details non-chordates up to Phyta and chordates.

Morphology of Flowering Plants – This chapter of NCERT Class 11 Biology discuss Morphology and modifications in various plant parts.

Anatomy of Flowering Plants – Talks about unusual functions of different tissue systems and their anatomy.

Structural Organisation in Animals – This chapter meeting regarding animal tissues and functions and the anatomy of various systems of animals and insects.

Cell- The Unit of Life – It discussion about cell theory and the structure of different kinds of cells. Also, it discussion about the different types of cells.

Biomolecules – This chapter of NCERT Biology Class 11 talks regarding biomolecules, enzymes, proteins, etc.

Cell Cycle and Cell Division– Covers cell cycles, mitosis, and meiosis.

Transport in Plants – This chapter explains how water and other substances travel through plants and how the cell to cell group of nutrients is made.

Mineral Nutrition – This chapter talks about the essential macro and micronutrients and their role in keeping our body healthy.

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants – This chapter discussion about autotrophic nutrition and pigments involved in the process of photosynthesis.

Respiration in Plants – Discussion about the exchange of gases and different kinds of respiration.

Plant-Growth and Development – This chapter in the NCERT Biology Class 11 book meeting about the phases of plant growth and the developmental processes that are involved.

Digestion and Absorption – Discussion about the various processes that go on inside the digestive system.

Breathing and Exchange of Gases – Discussion about respiration in animals and humans.

Body Fluids and Circulation – This chapter in the NCERT Biology Class 11 book gives you a complete understanding of the composition of blood and discussion about the various components of blood and how it is spread through our bodies.

Excretory Products and Their Elimination – Explains the different modes of excretion and the rule of the kidney.

Locomotion and Movement – This chapter talks about the different kinds of actions and the muscular and skeletal systems.

Neural Control and Coordination – This chapter discusses in detail the intricacies and the effective of the nervous system.

Chemical Coordination and Integration– This chapter talks about unusual endocrine glands and hormones.

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